Clean Energy from Waste


With this ground breaking technology you are able to produce a clean energy carrier from the un-recyclable municipal waste or even hazardous waste wood with much higher efficiency then current processes. 

You can store and transport syngas easily and convert it to energy when you need it and where you need it.

Waste diverted from landfill is 95%.

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Why Energy Carrier?

We know energy can be created from waste. An incinerator is not sustainable though.  

Costs are high and efficiency is low.

If we produce energy carrier this problem is solved.

Energy can be used where and when you need it. Thanks to our technology and this paradigm change efficiency is much higher this way.

Decentralised energy supply

Contributing to circular economy and higher efficiency

With the help of Horge Technology it is possible to cover a large amount of the energy need of a community from its own waste.

There is no need to set up a new facility and get the approval from citizens. This waste processing plant can be placed next to existing landfills and MBT plants then the energy carrier can be transported back to users.

The Way to Self-sustaining Communities

This ground breaking technology combines high temperature decomposition with efficient gas cleaning.

Use Of Mixed Municipal Waste

The amount of municipal waste generated per person in the European Union (EU) in 2017 amounted to 487 kg per capita per year.

Household or municipal waste is made up of many differenct components, so managing it is a complex job.

Horge Technologies is able to turn the otherwise unusable waste into clean syngas. All recyclable materials are extracted, so we support circular economy this way as well.

No Energy Wasted

Use your energy carrier when you need it and where you need it

This is the first technology that produces energy carrier instead of energy.

This makes it possible to store syngas at the production spot.

Then transport it to the place of consumption (eg. a hospital for electricity or burn it for district heating).

Small Plant Size

One community - one plant

This technology makes it possible to design a plant that fits the waste production of your community with the smallest possible investment. Running the plant is cheap and simple.   

Waste To Fuel, Heat, Raw Material 

Help your community take part in a circular economy!.

Their waste becomes their energy with high efficiency. In fact, three times higher than with an incinerator.

Syngas can be used according to your needs: can be raw material for various chemical processes as well. 

Technology Under Patent Protection

High-tech solution

This ground breaking technology combines high temperature decomposition with efficient gas cleaning.

Let us build a greener future together!