Our Services

Horge Technologies sells the technology you need to build a custom made plant for your community.

The typical roadmap for a plant development is the following:

  1. project concept description
  2. project feasibility (or pre-feasibility) study
  3. basic engineering completion (finishing plant design)
  4. project management
  5. completing engineering package
  6. budgeting (the final designed plant), tendering
  7. finish business plan (optimal source/equity portfolio)
  8. preparation of off-take and supply contracts
  9. EPC contract wording
  10. construction management
  11. conduct the erection and building works
  12. commissioning of the plant
  13. operation of the plant
  14. managing the sales and supply contracts

Horge technology is 

the greenest waste processing technology today.

Take part in creating a circular economy!