Waste Management Today

Most waste is still deposited in landfills today. 

This is not sustainable.

Up to date information on what the EU has to say about waste management is written here.

In April 2018 new goals were set about waste management: 

 "The EU wants to promote the prevention of waste and the re-use of products as much as possible. If this is not possible it prefers recycling (including composting), followed by using waste to generate energy. The most harmful option for the environment and people's health is simply disposing of waste, for example on landfill, although it is also one of the cheapest possibilities."

  • Municipal waste recycling target: 44 % today, 55% by 2025 and 65% by 2035
  • No more than 10% landfilling by 2035
  • Separate collection of textiles and hazardous waste

Waste management options today and Horge Technologies' proposal for a new, circular way:

Further reading on the situation with solid waste:

World Bank: What a Waste: An Updated Look into the Future of Solid Waste Management

Turning waste to energy carrier is one of the best solutions for our environment.